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The Rules for BattleShots™ Drinking Game!

The Official BattleShots™ party game rules!BattleShots Game Set and Box

2 Official Battleshots™ shot boards
2 Official Battleshots™ privacy shields with dry erase coordinate maps
2 dry erase markers
16 shot glasses

Prepare for Battle:
Sit opposite from your partner, facing each other. Assemble your official Battle Shots™ game unit, laying your shot board horizontally on a flat surface facing you and attaching your privacy shield to your shot board with the coordinate map also facing you. This should create an L shape.

Secretly arrange your BattleShots™ ships on your shot board, placing them either horizontally or vertically. Each ship is composed of a designated number of shot glasses placed in a row. You should have three shot glasses for the battleship, two shot glasses for the destroyers, and one shot glass for your submarine.

Flip a coin. Determine whether heads or tails designates who plays the first turn.

Call Your Shot:
On your turn, call out the coordinates where you believe your opponent has positioned a Battle shot. To determine the coordinates, find the horizontal coordinates labeled vertically along the left A through F and the vertical coordinates labeled horizontally along the top 1 to 7 on your privacy screen’s
coordinate map. To track your guesses, mark your dry erase coordinate map with Xs where a target is hit and Os where a target is missed.

NOTE: Only use dry erase markers on the coordinate board. Use of any other writing utensil may leave your coordinate board permanently damaged.

It’s a Hit:
Using a dry erase marker, mark your dry erase coordinate map with an X where you have hit your target – your opponent’s Battleshot ship. When successfully hit, your opponent must drink the shot.

It’s a Miss:
Using a dry erase marker, mark your dry erase coordinate map with an O where you have missed your target so you do not guess the same location twice.

How to Win:
Sink all your opponent’s BattleShots!™ The loser must consume all remaining unsunk
Batte shots.